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Assignments are due at the beginning of each week's discussion section



Write a one-page report on the person in your section whose name follows yours in the alphabet [TAs will e-mail list of section names by Tuesday night]


Claim an article from the article exercise page "Past Visions of the Future" that has not already been chosen and write a one page essay on how this particular projection for the future worked out.  If possible, please engage the readings or the film to comment on enduring conceptions and misconceptions of new technology.


Write a one page essay on the legacy of the counterculture that influences your life the most today.


In one paragraph, describe a specific Massive On-line Open Course (MOOC).  In the next two paragraphs, comment on how have changes in attitudes towards the market and in the digital infrastructure have enabled MOOCs.  In the final paragraph state the advantages and disadvantages of MOOCS.


Pick one article of clothing that you wear regularly and trace the way it is manufactured and where its components come from.


The 2016 Republican nomination is up for grabs.  Write one paragraph that lists the leading contenders and why they are leading.  Write three paragraphs about the sources you used to determine this, and why you chose these sources.


Assuming your twitter identity, write a one page essay stating where you were on 9/11 and how it changed your life or why it did not.


Compare your own reaction to online piracy to your twitter character’s reaction.


Tweet about one of this week’s lectures from the perspective of your assumed identity


Make a note of where you see advertising through the course of your day - on billboards, magazines, television, online, etc. Which ads are the most appropriate for you? How do you think that advertising has pegged you so accurately or inaccurately?


What echo chamber do YOU belong to?  Describe the ideological contours of this echo chamber, the news and advertising outlets that fuel it and the ways that it has shaped your views of a specific political issue.  If you believe that you have been able to avoid living in an echo chamber, explain how you have accomplished this.


Spend a day with no digital entertainment or social media and report on the experience in a one page essay.


"Senses of Place" Exercise