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Final Exam study questions

You will be given a choice of two of the five questions below and asked to answer one of the two on the final exam.  That will count for fifty percent of your grade on the final.  The other fifty percent of your grade will be based on another essay question.  You will not have any choice on that question.
Be sure to draw upon material from the entire course, when relevant, to answer these questions.

1. How have digital technologies changed our conception of what is public and what is private in the last thirty years?
2. Deborah Spar suggests that major technological breakthroughs have followed a similar historical cycle of innovation, anarchy, and standardization.  Do you think that information technologies follow the same pattern? Are there are things that truly set Digital apart from its antecedents?
3. What has the impact of digital systems been on the economy and the way that goods are produced and consumed since 1980?
4. How has the military or the militarization of society influenced the evolution of digital technology from World War II through 2010?
5. How has the relationship between the local and the global shifted in the past thirty years and what are the major factors influencing this change?