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From Networks to Networking

Lecture Outline: 

Presidential use of Media

politicians also adapt technologies to new uses (they contribute to diffusion)

diffusion of these new uses usually lags the introduction of the technology itself

it is political underdogs that have the greatest incentive to find new applications of technology

Ronald Reagan masters the video image as viewers have increasing options

Howard Dean experiments with connecting the virtual to boots on the ground

Barack Obama perfects social media in his 50 state caucus strategy to beat Clinton




  • 2/17 Television in the Age of Convergence
  • 2/19 Comparing Regan and Obama's use of campaign media


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  • The 2016 Republican nomination is up for grabs.  Write one paragraph that lists the leading contenders and why they are leading.  Write three paragraphs about the sources you used to determine this, and why you chose these sources.