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Protecting the Homeland: from 9/11 to Edward Snowden

Lecture Outline: 

9/11 and after

We have some planes

security that stopped several of the terrorists never imagined plane could be turned into a bomb

The digital connection

flight simulators and automatic pilot

A moment of reconciliation

it won't last

Protecting the Homeland

Philip Zelikow's digital takeaway:  They felt as though we were in their backyards

Al Qiada uses the very transparency and access to attack the system built on these qualities

9/11 illuminates the fork in the road for application of technology in today's world




Homeland Security after 9/11

Total Information Aweareness

A Manhattan Project for counterterrorism


or Relocated to NSA

What Snowden has already revealed

Security or Privacy

We have made these kinds of choices before


  • 9/11 and After



  • Assuming your twitter identity, write a one page essay stating where you were on 9/11 and how it changed your life or why it did not.