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Redrawing Global Boundaries

Lecture Outline: 

What Did Globalization Intensify?

A few more digital influences

The Lowered cost of transportaiton: Logistics

cell phones as steroids for global digital infrastrcuture

The influence of Governance

Global embrace of the market

The fall of the Berlin Wall and Soviet Bloc

New Intl. organizations and members

WTO and China

Assessing Globalization


Poverty Eradication


Doing stuff together

Global empathy


maldistribution of profits from global increase in productivity

Illiicit use of legitimate global pathways



  • What Intensified Globalization?
  • What did Globalizataion Intensify?


Listening or Viewing: 


  • Pick one article of clothing that you wear regularly and trace the way it is manufactured and where its components come from. 


Yergin and Stanislaw, Commanding Heights,  ch. 13, “The Age of Globalization, The Battle for the World Economy, pp. 379-398 and ch. 14, “The Balance of Confidence: the New Rules of the game,” pp. 399-418.

The World is Flat, 60-199 (or the end of chapter 3 for those with e-readers). 


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