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Shifting Domestic Boundaries

Lecture Outline: 

Reconnecting Personal Computers

How did we get from Personal Computing to Cloud Computing?


Xerox/PARC and ARPA origins

Ties personal computers back into corporate servers

Social Production defined

Commercializing ARPANET

Tim Berners-Lee and the World Wide Web



Netscape commercializes browsers

Cloud Computing

The Social implications of Cloud Computing

Free stuff but growing income and wealth gap

Job loss

Double edged sword of social production

Crossing organizational and national boundaries

Another episode in the struggle between personal liberation and the power of collaboration


  • Reconnecting Personal Computers
  • Letting Markets Decide and the Triumph of the Service Economy



  • Office Space (1999, Dir. Mike Judge) - Streaming on Collab


  • In one paragraph, describe a specific Massive On-line Open Course (MOOC).  In the next two paragraphs, comment on how changes in attitudes towards the market and in the digital infrastructure have enabled MOOCs.  In the final paragraph state the advantages and disadvantages of MOOCS.