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Work and Play in the Digital Age

Lecture Outline: 

Travel in the "ShareEconomy"

A few more thoughts about military industrial gaming complex

In the wake of 9/11 games offer the illusion of control

Reversing the good guys

Those who play at war rather than those who work at war are far more enthusiastic about military engagement

The perfect synthesis of game and work: operating drones

not as impersonal as you might think

are there real bad guys playing these games?

Once again, the NSA

America's Arsenal of Consumption

travel in the ShareEconomy

Peer-to-peer networks have changed travel


couch surfing

relay rides

lyft Driver

assets like homes and cars monetized by disaggregating unused parts/times

yet this segmentation provides opportunity for "sharing" and new kinds of connections

model is Napster

Implications of ShareEconomy

further confounds distinction between work and play

depends upon range of digital infomration systems besides basic portal:

web-based profiles of travelers/owners

facebook profiles of travelers/owners

on-line reviews of both owners and travelers

for transportaiton: GPS to locate closest car/ride

Skeptics say it is just a fad

will it outlast economic downturn of 2007 -- which was key catalyst?

Idealists say it is a new attitude towards ownership society

your generation grew up digital, and that meant growing up sharing music, photos, files

Military Industrial Gaming Complex

Travel in the "ShareEconomy"




  • Spend a day with no digital entertainment or social media and report on the experience in a one page essay.